After months of reading, sharing, debating, agreeing, disagreeing, loving characters, hating characters, crying, laughing, & eating lots of tasty biscuits, it is time for the grand finale – our

Page Turners Book Award Gala Evening

Thanks to our sponsors we can get together every Spring for an evening of celebration.

We produce our own book trailers for the evening, host a booksale, invite great teen and YA authors to come and talk to us, award prizes for various book-related competitions


find out that year’s winning books as chosen by all the student members of our reading groups.

I didn’t know Tanya Landman has written so many books. As soon as I get home I have to order them – A STUDENT

This event was a joy from start to finish. So much enthusiasm, so much laughter, so much love – and all for books. If they invite me again, I’d be there in a heartbeat. – NATASHA FARRANT

I absolutely love the book awards. I always find new books and the gala evening is so much fun. – A STUDENT

Just to see everybody talking about books, being excited, I end up driving home with a big smile on my face – ANDY BRIGGS

Steve Cole was so cool. I wish I could have worked on all the Dr. Who books, too. – A STUDENT

“I felt so privileged to be in a room full of young people who read and discussed books with a passion.  Thank you so much for your sharp and original questions. It’s evenings like this that make being an author feel special.” – PATRICE LAWERENCE

“To meet so many enthusiastic and engaged young readers who have so fully engaged with your story is such a compliment for writers. It was clear that this love of books and creative responses to them, was being planted and sown by wonderful librarians and teachers from all the schools. There was not a spare seat in the large auditorium. How we engage with books and the legacy they leave in us varies from reader to reader so my lasting memory of the gala was how wonderful it was to see young people’s varied responses to the books… as they created book trailers, dressed up in costume, asked questions to Matt and I or created art works.” – SITA BRAHMACHARI

“I was bowled over by the imagination and resourcefulness of the children, as well as their intense interest and commitment to the whole project. Of course, these awards work so well because they’re powered by professional school librarians, yet again demonstrating how vital they are to the development of literacy, empathy and the creative arts in our schools.” – MATT KILLEEN